Daily Transaction Report for Patient Payments

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The daily transaction report is a CSV file from Waystar that includes all the previous day's ACH and Credit Card transaction history. Use of the Merchant Services Portals Payments Insider and Payments Gateway can still provide value for reconciling deposits, but the Daily Transaction Report includes more detailed information.

Let's review the basics of the Daily Transaction Report!

How to utilize the Daily Transaction Report

Use the Daily Transaction Report to reconcile payments made to your bank account. Review the Payment Method (Credit card or ACH), Card Type, Amount, Patient Name, and Status to make sure that the money has been collected and deposited as expected.

What's included in the report?

  • Account Name: Organization¬†
  • Transaction Date/time
  • Point of Entry: will always be Web Entry.
  • Method of Payment: Credit Card or ACH).
  • Card Type: e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.
  • Trans Type: Payment or Refund.
  • Patient First name, Last name, and Middle Initial.
  • Patient Account Number: This is the Medical Record Number.
  • Trans Amount: The amount ran.
  • Net Amount: The amount approved.
  • Status: This indicates the stage the payment is in e.g. Declined, Approved, Funded.
  • Auth: 4-6 digits indicating a transaction was Approved.
  • User: will always be WebService.
  • Note: The Transaction ID can be located in Patient Profile > Patient Billing > Payments > View.

Where is the report located?

The Daily Transaction Report can be located in the Records Center > Documents > Organizations Documents as well as Records Center > Documents > Managing Organizations Documents. The file names to look for are the ones ending in "PAY.prp.csv."

  • Note: The file for today's date will show the transactions made for yesterday.

  • Tip: To find the report easily, filter by the File Type: Other.

I'm not seeing this report in my Records Center. How do I get it?

This report requires configuration by an Avea Staff Member. Please reach out to support@aveasolutions.com for additional assistance. 

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