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This report is only available for organizations with the Patient Billing module.

With the AveaOffice Patient Billing Add-on, use the partner portal called Payments Gateway to get more transparency into deposits and transactions. Compare against the Patient Payments Report (Patient Billing) on a daily or weekly basis to ensure reconciliation.


This article covers the following topics:

  • Getting started with Payments Gateway
  • Reconciling with the Deposit Detail Report
  • Getting support from Forte

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Getting started with Payments Gateway

When the merchant account for ACH has been established, your AveaOffice Add-on project manager will send important merchant details. You will be provided the MID, username, and password once your account has been approved.

The partner that processes ACH transactions is called Forte and the portal link is

Set up an account as soon as these merchant details are received to ensure access for the future.

In the merchant details, you'll also see the ACH transaction daily and monthly processing limits.


Reconciling with the Deposit Detail Report

If there are issues with this report, there may be a setting in User Options that the Hierarchy Admin must enable for access to that merchant account, under Virtual Terminal User. After enabling, the report should pull up correctly.

Use this report to compare against the Patient Payment Report in AveaOffice on a frequent basis to ensure deposits are reconciled with transactions.


Getting support from Forte

Their contact information is under Knowledge Center.

Customer Service: 866-290-5400

Technical Support: 866-290-5400 ext 5



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