Patient Billable Report

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This report is only available for organizations with the Patient Billing module.

The Patient Billable Report displays billable information at the billable level. This means that if there is more than one service on the billable, all the services will be shown on one line item in a list. This report also reflects the patient's billing information for billables as displayed on the patient billing tab.

Generating the Report

Let's review how to create the Patient Billable Report report! 

      1. Navigate to the Reporting section.
      2. Under Billing Reports, select Patient Billable Report.

      3. Update the filters to instruct the system on how to generate the report.
      4. Select Run Report.
      5. To download the report, select Download.

      6. To include data from the last 24 hours, select Refresh Data.

Available Filters and Definitions

  • The Date Type filter creates a qualifier for each claim the system will use when searching for claims with a date that falls within the set date range.
    • Approved Date(Default:) The date the patient billable was approved in the Work Center.
    • Service Start Date: This is the first service date being billed. 
  • The Start Date and End Date establish a timeframe for the system to locate and include payments 

  • The Billable Status instructs the system to include or omit certain patient billables based on their status.
    • All (Default): Includes all billables whose date type falls within the set date range, regardless of status. 
    • Approved: This refers to the date ol from the Work Center. 
    • Created: This refers to the date a patient billable was created in the Work Center. 
    • Voided: This refers to the date a voided patient billable was approved in the Work Center.
  • The Private Pay Charge Breakdown filter instructs the system to break down billables with non-medical services recorded.
  • The Include claim-based billable rendering provider NPI filter instructs the system to include the NPI of the rendering provider.

Viewing the Report

The Patient Billable Report produces a table where each row represents an approved patient billable. To view an example of this report, click here.

Columns and Locations

Row Name Location
Patient Name Patient > Patient Profile
Approved Date, Billable ID, and Claim Source ID Record Center > Patient Billing > Patient Billables or Patients > Patient >  Patient Billing > Patient Billables
Service(s), Units, Charges, Paid to Facility, Paid to Patient, Insurance Discount, Insurance Adjusted, Patient Responsibility, Provider Adjusted, Adjustment Reason, Patient Paid, and Patient Amount Due. Patient >  Patient Billing > Patient Billables

Helpful Hints

  • Use this report to obtain a comprehensive view of billable revenue and status.
  • Search by patient name, billable ID, or claim source ID to filter the report without having to download to Excel.
  • Filter by Billable Status to remove voided billables from view.

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