Patient Payments Report

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The Patient Payments Report shows all payments and adjustments made during the date range of the report. Use this report to see how much was collected during a specific time period. Users can also use this report to reconcile daily bank deposits. Each transaction attempted will create a line item and show the Action Type of Paid, Declined, Refunded, or Applied (if adjusted).

Creating the Report

Go to the Reporting section from the left-side menu. This Report is only available at the Organization level. Under Billing Reports, select Patient Payments Report.

Report Options

Selected Practices

Choose one or more practices in the drop-down.

Patient Identifier Display

Select to run the report by medical record number or patient ID.

Start and End Date

Select a Start and End Date. Only payments made between the two selected dates will show on the report.

Run Report

Click Run Report to run the report using the selected filters.

Refresh Data

To improve report speed, report and dashboard data is cached up to the last 24 hours. To use real-time data, click Refresh Data to update reports results using the most recent data.


Choose Download to export the report data as CSV. Your CSV file can be opened with Excel.

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Patient Payments Results.png


The Action column can be Paid, Declined, Voided, Refunded, or Applied.

  • Paid payments have been funded.
  • Declined payments have not been successful and show with a $0 in the amount column. It may be necessary to contact the Payer or your bank.
  • Voided payments have been stopped before charges were placed. Payments can only be voided during the same day as the original authorized transaction. A successful void will not appear on the patient’s credit card statement but will show on this report.
  • Refunded payments were returned to the source. Refunds can be used when it is too late to void a transaction.
  • Applied payments refer to Adjustments recorded on the patient’s account.

Method refers to the tool used to carry out the transaction. This can be Adjustment, Payment Plan, User, or Payment Request. The method column will show if the payment was collected by a user, payment plan, completed payment request, or if the line item is for an adjustment.

The Account Type column will show the credit card type or ACH with the last 4 digits of the account, or the cash/money order/check collection type. Adjustments are left blank. 

The Payer Name will be the name of the cardholder or bank account owner. 

Transaction ID is the unique identification number assigned for transactions that go through the clearinghouse.

Source is either Payment Plan, User, or Payment Request. This is the origin of the transaction.





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