Organization Admin Overview

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Organizations are created for each company and will contain Practices and Users. If your organization has purchased the Patient Billing add-on, you'll also be able to manage the related settings and email templates from the Organization Admin Configuration tab. 

To access, click on Admin and choose Organization Admin.


This tab contains all of the Practices within the Organization. This is also where you can add new Practices if needed. Clicking on the Practice name will open the Practice Admin. 


The Configuration tab allows you to manage organization information, A/R classification, and patient billing settings (if enabled).  


This tab allows you to add and update your logo.

A/R Classifications

This tab contains the default A/R Classifications and allows you to add custom ones. Click here to learn more.

Patient Billing

Settings and controls for the Patient Billing features are managed in the Patient Billing tab. Click here for instructions on updating these settings. 


You can adjust the timezone of the organization from this page.

Email Templates

Users can email payment requests, receipts, and statements to a patient or guarantor. Click here for instructions on setting up email templates. 


This tab allows you to create and manage Organization users and promote Organization users to Managing Organization users.

User Audit Record

This tab is only available to Managing Organization Admin users and Organization Admins and can be used to audit all actions taken by users in the organization. Click here to learn more. 

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