User Audit Records

User Audit Records provide an electronic paper trail of an authorized user's actions within each practice and are available at the Organization level. 

Please note only those designated as Managing Organization Admin or Organization Admin are able to obtain User Audit Records.

How do I access User Audit Records?

User Audit records can be located under the Organization Admin.

  1. Select the desired Organization from the drop-down.
  2. Go to Organization Admin > User Audit Records.

What can I look up in User Audit Records?

User Audit Records provide a digital breadcrumb trail for each user (as well as the system) and their actions within AveaOffice.

This includes a myriad of information and changes made including, but not limited to: 

  • New Claims Created
  • Claim Notes Added
  • Insurance Set Changes
  • Updates to Utilization Plans
  • Payment Applications
  • Etc.

Available Parameters

  1. Dates: This is the date range that the action took place. If you are unsure of an exact time frame, the best practice is to backdate the starting point of the report 6 to 12 months.
  2. Practice: If the inquiry is specific to a single Practice under the Organization, choose the Practice from the drop-down.
  3. User: If the inquiry is specific to a user, select the user's name to filter results to only that user's actions.
  4. Object Type: If the inquiry is specific to a particular area of AveaOffice, select Object Type based on what is being audited.  
    • For example: Several Insurance profiles were recently updated with incorrect information. To determine what occurred, filter results by selecting Insurance Profile.
  5. Object Action: If the inquiry is specific to a particular action, select the Object Action based on what change occurred.  
    • For example: Several claims have recently been voided without a note indicating why. Results should be filtered under Object Actions by selecting Void to determine what occurred.

Click Update to run the report.


How do I print user audit records?

Click the Download button. This will automatically generate an Excel file with your applied filters. 

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