Practice Admin Overview

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The Practice Admin section allows you to manage your practice Configuration, Services, Rendering Providers, Facilities, and Payers. 



The Configuration tab allows you to establish key practice settings and billing information. Click here to learn more. 


Services are the level of care and ancillary services you provide to patients and bill for, including insurance and private pay charges. Services are set up at the Practice level, click here for instructions. You can also create Combined Service Sets to bundle services that need to be billed together.

Rendering Providers

Rendering Providersthe individual who rendered careare configured in Avea at the Practice-level. They can be tied to one or more facilities. Click here to learn more.


The Facilities tab houses all of the information for the facilities within the Practice. This includes Facility profile information which can be used to populate claim details, service references, and rendering provider references. Click here to learn more.


The Payers tab allows you to view your Payers list, add new payers (both electronic and paper), and manage your payers. You can also add contracted payer rates. Click here to learn more.

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