January 2024 Release Notes

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January Release Highlights

[RCM Enhancements]: Efficiencies and Expansions

We’ve enhanced features to optimize your billing process and expand your billing capabilities for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

  • Global A/R Status for Patients: Enhance visibility and management of patient billing statuses by easily toggling a patient's accounts receivable status to 'Closed' or 'Open Claims - A/R' directly in their profile. 
  • Enhanced Payment Posting: Broaden your payment processing capabilities with the new ability to import 835 payment files from payers outside the Waystar network. This feature, available under the Insurance Payments section, is accessible to users with the required permissions, simplifying and diversifying your payment posting process.
  • Expanded Place of Service Options: Use Place of Service codes 26 and 27 in the Service Billing Profile and Service Group Rule, under Practice Admin, for more accurate billing. 
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What’s next for RCM?

We’re getting ready to begin beta testing claim edits, and new versions of attendance and payer rates. 

If you’re interested in shaping the future by becoming a beta tester for these features, please go here, and under the Beta tab, vote/comment on the card to indicate you’d like to participate. We’re also looking at upgrading UR functionality and a new claims write-off process later this quarter.

196.1 - January 30th, 2024


  • Payer URL: A new URL field is now available within the Payer Profile under the Practice Admin > Payers > Payer section. When a Payer URL is included within the Payer profile, the Payer name under the Work Center > Insurance Claims > Work Claims will be a hyperlink.
  • Patient Billable Line Item Details: A new section detailing the Line Items within the Patient Billable Instance has been added. This can be accessed by opening the Patient Billable > Instances > Control Number.
  • Facility County Field: A new field identifying the county of the facility has been added to the Facility Profile. This can be edited by navigating to the Practice Admin > Facilities > Facility

195.2 - January 24th, 2024


  • Kipu Integration: Users can now block certain diagnoses groups from being added to the Patient's Treatment Episode when demographics are being transmitted from the EMR. This can be customized under the Practice Admin > Configuration > Diagnoses. 
  • Kipu Integration: Users with the Lab Integration can now update the Payer Class to either Medicaid, Medicare A, or Medicare B under the Practice Admin > Payers > Payer Profile.
  • Import EDI: Users with the ability to edit Insurance Payments will now see the Import EDI button within Work Center > Insurance Payments > Enter Insurance Payment Collections. This can be used manually check for/import 835 filles (remits) that did not originally port over. 
  • Payment Posting: Users will no longer be able to enter in the adjustment code of PR-3. Any PR-3 adjustments will need to be individually listed within the Co-Pay column. 

195.1 - January 18th, 2024


  • Patient Global A/R Status: A Patient can now be manually assigned a Global A/R Status of Closed or Open Claims - A/R. This feature can be utilized within the Patient > Profile, above the Patient's first name.
  • Payment Posting: Users will now be able to import 835 payment files from Payers who do not utilize Waystar to send remits. Users without sufficient User Permissions will not be able to use this option. The Import option can be found when manually posting a payment under Work Center > Insurance Payments > Enter Insurance Payments Collections > Create Insurance Payment Collection. 
  • Place of Service: Place of Service 26 and 27 are now available for use in Avea. These options can be utilized under the Practice Admin > Services > Service > Service Billing Profile as well as with a Service Grouping Rule.

194.4 - January 16th, 2024


  • Patient Collection Report: Avea now has the Patient Collection Report available for clients who utilize the Patient Billing Module. The report allows a user to monitor the Patient's A/R by comparing the Good Faith Estimate and Patient Payment date. 
  • Claim Rates: The Claims Rates section under the Practice Admin > Configuration has been removed.
  • Guarantor Information: Users can now include the Guarantor information within the Patient Profile of the Treatment Episode. Currently, this field is for documentation purposes only but has been created to support future enhancements. 
  • Patient Billing: Clients with the Patient Billing module can now deactivate the default Adjustment Reasons under Organization Admin > Configuration > Adjustment Reasons. 
  • KIPU Integration: The system will now create a new Treatment Episode upon readmitting a patient within a Single Instance Organization.  


  • Closing Patient Billables: Some users with the Patient Billing Module were experiencing issues when attempting to close a Patient Billable. 
  • Processing Events: Some clients were experiencing scrollbar issues within the Work Claim > Processing Events section. 

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