User Types and Permissions

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You can configure the following user types in AveaOffice. Click here for instructions on creating a new user. If needed, you can also promote and demote users between the two profile locations. 

User Types Table

Check out the following table for a description of the available user types in AveaOffice. 

User Type Access Level Profile Location
Organization User

An organization user can view assignments in the Work Center, patient demographics, and the Attendance Calendar if the permissions are configured to allow access.

To set the permissions for each user, head to the Permissions tab.

Organization Admin
Organization Practice Admin An Organization Practice Admin has access to the Practice Admin page to configure services, facility rates, rendering providers, and payers. This user cannot view the Organization Admin tab.  Organization Admin
Organization Admin An Organization Admin has access to the Organization Admin page to view user audit records, access Reporting for the Organization-level, manage configuration, create and manage practices under the organization, and create organization users. They do not have access to multiple organizations. Organization Admin
Managing Organization User

A Managing Organization User has access to only the selected Practices that can span multiple organizations and has a customizable set of permissions. They do not have the ability to edit or configure organizations/practices, but they do have access to the Dashboard tab for their selected Practices. 

Managing Organization Admin
Managing Organization Admin A Managing Organization Admin has unrestricted access to the Managing Organization and all related Organizations and Practices. They can edit users, update configurations, submit claims, build claim rules, and create organizations and practices. We recommend only selecting a few individuals to be your Managing Organization Admins.  Managing Organization Admin

Where should I create my user?

If the user needs to have access to more than one organization (even if it is only a single practice at two different organizations), the user must be created at the Managing Organization level. However, if the user only needs to have access to a single organization (even if they need access to multiple practices within that organization), they can be created at the Organization level. 

Roles and Permissions Video

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