December 2023 Release Notes

  • Updated

193.2 - December 28th, 2023


  • Work Center > Patient Billing > Work Statements: Some clients were experiencing an error message when attempting to bulk print statements. 

192. 1.2 - December 18th, 2023


  • Attendance Calendar > Unsubmitted Attendance: Some clients experienced an error message of "Value cannot be null" when attempting to submit attendance for billing. 

192.2 - December 13th, 2023


  • Patient Billables: Some clients were receiving an error of "The AdjustmentReasonID field is required" when attempting to Close All Billables.

192.1 - December 6th, 2023


  • Updated Tabs: Sections under the Managing Organization Admin > Configuration have been renamed as follows:
    • Claim Queue Types = Claim Queues
    • Claim Status Types = Claim Statuses
    • Settings = Account Settings
    • VOB = VOB Settings
  • Prospective Patients: Good Faith Estimates can now be established within a Prospective Patient Profile under the Admit/Discharge section.


  • Error Message Resolved: Under Patient Profile > Treatment Episode > Insurance Billing > Summary, some clients were receiving an error message of “Minified React error #310;..."

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