July 2023 Release Notes

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182.3 - July 27, 2023


  • Kipu EMR Integration: Insurance carve-out information will now be displayed on the Facesheet in the EMR.
  • The Claim Status Report (by Claim) has been updated to a new UI. Click here to learn more. 


  • New Treatment Episode Data Import: Fixed an issue where patient profile information was not transferred when creating a new treatment episode and selecting Import Patient Data from Last Treatment Episode

182.2 - July 25, 2023


  • Services and Billing Profiles: You can now delete Services and Service Billing Profiles that are not being used or referenced. A new Delete button will appear for all eligible Services and Service Billing Profiles. Click here to learn more about the deletion requirements.

  • Payments in Review: Updates have been made to the ERA automatic payment posting process to reduce the number of payments that end up in the Review Insurance Payments section of the Work Center. 


  • Service Scheduled Change Sets: Fixed an issue that prevented Scheduled Change Sets for services from being deleted.

182.1 - July 20, 2023


  • Attendance Import: Semicolons can now be used to separate multiple diagnosis codes when importing services into the Attendance Calendar.

  • Patient Billing: When adjustments are made via the Patient Billing > Patient Billables tab, the user is no longer navigated to the Payments tab.
  • Work Claims: Insurance ID is now available as a column in the Work Claims tab of the Work Center. This will display the Insurance ID from a patient's most recent insurance set.

181.3 - July 17, 2023


  • Kipu EMR Integration: The procedure code will now be included when mapping institutional services between the Kipu EMR and Avea to ensure the right service is chosen.
  • Policy Holder Address: If a user enters a part of the Subscriber address on the Policy Holder tab, they will be required to complete the address, city, state, and zip fields. This prevents partial addresses from being entered.
  • Patient Billing: The payment request page has undergone a visual update.

181.2 - July 12, 2023


  • Combined A/R Report - New Amount Types: New Amount Types are added to the Combined A/R Summary Report:

    • Expected vs Paid is available when the Claim Type is set to Insurance Only.
    • Charges vs Paid is available when the Claim Type is set to All and Private Pay Only.
  • A/R Report (Insurance): The Patient Identifier field has been moved into it's own column and appears after the Patient Name.

181.1 - July 5, 2023


  • Payment Posting: When manually posting payments or editing ERAs, a new Auto-fill Payment Lines option allows the values entered into the payment total rows to be averaged across all payment line items. This removes the need to manually update each field.
    • For example: If the allowed amount is set to $340 and there are three line items on the claim, the system would automatically average out the amount paid to $113.34.

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