September 2023 Release Notes

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 186.3 - September 21, 2023


  • Claims: A system note will be automatically added to the claim under the Notes tab once it has a Received by Oayer processing event, indicating that it's been received by the payer.
  • Work Claims: You can now filter claims by Date of Service on the Work Claims tab.
  • Work Claims: New filter options are added to the Work Claims section in the Work Center. The new filters include:
    • Organization
    • Facility
    • Payer
    • Service
    • Payer Status
  • Work Claims: There is a new (NONE) option in the Group by drop-down. This will remove all groupings from the claim list when selected.

  • Claims: Two new options, Rejected and Held, have been added to the Claims drop-down on the Insurance Billing > Claims tab. This will filter the claims list to any claim with a Rejected or Held payer status regardless of the claim state.


  • Batches: Fixed an issue where Batch PDFs were unable to be downloaded from the Batches tab. 
  • Instances: Fixed an issue where users were unable to preview claim PDFs for institutional claims.

186.2 - September 14, 2023


  • Payment Collections: The Claim Instance drop-down on the payment posting form is now grouped into Open and Closed instances.
  • Claim Status Reports: Referral Source is added as an available column on all versions of the Claim Status Reports.
  • Approve Patient Billables: This tab has been updated to the new Avea look and feel!


  • CMS-1500: Fixed an issue where Box 33B (Billing Provider Taxonomy Code) was not present in the claim form printed PDF. 

186.1 - September 12, 2023


  • Search: You can now search by the patient's medical record number. 
  • Patient Billables Report: A new column for A/R Classification has been added to the Patient Billables Report.


  • Corrections: Fixed an issue with the remarks field length validation when submitting a corrected claim. 
  • Services: Fixed an issue where the Default Billing Profile drop-down was not present when editing a service. 

186.0.1 - September 8, 2023


  • Kipu EMR: Previously the Medical Payer was sent back through the integration to appear on the patient facesheet. This has been changed so that now the Behavioral Payer will appear on the facesheet.
  • Kipu EMR: Fixed an issue where the insurance priority and carveout assignments were incorrectly displayed on the patient facesheet in the EMR.

185.2 - September 7, 2023


  • Claim Form Rule: A new Claim Form Rule behavior titled Facility - Custom Name is now available that allows users to bill under a custom facility name when paired with the Billing Provider - Name behavior. This is helpful for organizations that are contracted under different names for different payers.
  • Recently Approved Billables: Date filters have been added to the Recently Approved Billables tab in the Work Center which allows users to filter billables by the approved date. Additionally, this tab has been updated to the new Avea look and feel.
  • Patient Billables: A new Source dropdown is now available that allows users to filter billables by how they were generated: by a claim or private pay.


  • Patient: Fixed an issue where the Practice was automatically unselected when navigating through the Add Patient window.  

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