Billing Adjustments

This article covers the following topics:

  • Recording Patient Billing Adjustments
  • Voiding Patient Billing Adjustments

Adjustments allow users to change the balance due from a patient. The primary use is to discount the amount a patient owes, by percentage or dollar amount.

Recording Adjustments

  1. Adjustments are recorded at the patient level. Navigate to the patient’s Patient Billing tab and click on Collect Payment.
  2. Select Record Adjustment.
  3. Select the Patient Billable Instance associated with the adjustment and the Reason for the adjustment.

NOTE: Only one billable can be selected per adjustment. Add separate adjustments to adjust separate billables.  


  1. Fill in the adjustment amount in dollars or percentages, add any relevant notes, and Record.
  2. After an adjustment is recorded it will appear in the Payments tab and on the next Patient Statement.


Voiding Adjustments

When voiding an adjustment, click the Void link.


The full amount of the adjustment will be reversed. The adjustment will show as a negative amount on the payments tab and statements.


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