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This article is intended for organizations that create patient billables on a per-patient basis.

Payment plans are a payment option to schedule recurring payments, allowing patients to pay their balance off in incremental amounts.  Credit card information is not stored before it is charged. If a new card is being used, enter payment plans starting on the day the first charge should be made. After the first charge, or for credit cards that have already been charged, payments will run according to the schedule. 

Creating the Payment Plan


  1. Navigate to the patient’s Patient Billing tab and click on the Collect Payment tab.
  2. Select Create Payment Plan.
  3. Select the Facility.
  4. Select the outstanding balance amount, or choose Other Amount to customize the payment plan amount.
  5. Under Schedule, select the start date of the plan and the frequency of the payments.
  6. Enter in the desired number of payments or the agreed-upon amount per payment. (After either box is filled out, the other will automatically calculate.)
  7. Choose whether or not to auto-apply the payments to billables as the money is received.
  8. Choose the Payment Type.
  9. If New Card or New ACH is selected, enter the payment method details.
  10. Click to Create Payment Plan.



Payment Plan Details

View the payment plan and details at any time by clicking the "Details" option.


Credit card and ACH plans will automatically collect the payment from the chosen method on the date of the payment plan. 

For cash payment plans, select Cash or Check for each payment date. Mark each received payment as paid.


Once the payment has been marked as Paid, the payment will move to the "Previous Payments" section of the plan.


Editing the Payment Plan

For upcoming payments, the amount can be edited by clicking the "Change" option.

Update the amount, then choose if you'd like to automatically adjust the remaining scheduled payments to account for the difference.


If the auto-adjust option is chosen, the remaining payments will adjust accordingly.


Pausing or Cancelling the Payment Plan

From Payment Plan Details, scroll to the bottom of the payment plan to either cancel or pause the payment plan. If paused, a user will need to come back into the plan to unpause once ready.


Note: Only Payment Plans that have not pulled any payments can be deleted by selecting Cancel Payment Plan. 



Payment Plan Statuses

Payment plan transactions made from the past 7 days are reviewed to ensure that they still have the same payment status in Waystar as they do in AveaOffice. This means that if the declined payment plan transaction made was later changed to accepted, the status will update on the payment plan to reflect that. 

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