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Let's review how to add and update Admitting and Principal diagnosis codes on the Behavioral Service Diagnoses and Standalone Service Diagnoses tabs. This will also resolve diagnosis-related To-Do alerts.

  1. Open the Patient > Treatment Episode > Intake tab.mceclip0.png
  2. Click on the Behavioral Service Diagnoses tab.mceclip1.png
  3. Click on Set for Admitting ICD-10.
  4. Search for a code using the Containing box and clicking Search. Then, click the + icon to select the code.
  5. Or, if you know the code, enter it in the Code box at the end of the window.mceclip4.png
  6. Use the Present on Admission drop-down to select the desired value. Options include Yes, No, Unknown, or Clinically Undetermined. 
  7. Click on Set Code.
  8. The Principal ICD-10 will automatically populate with the same diagnosis.mceclip6.png
  9. You can change this by clicking Set and using the same steps shown above.
  10. If the patient has additional diagnoses, click Add ICD10 Behavioral Diagnosis link.mceclip7.png
  11. Follow the steps above to add another diagnosis code. mceclip8.png
  12. When all behavioral diagnoses have been added, click into the Standalone Service Diagnoses tab. Diagnosis codes entered under the Behavioral Service Diagnoses tab will carry over to this tab.mceclip9.png
  13. Verify that the information is correct. Make any necessary edits or additions.

Note: Deleting a Standalone Service Diagnosis will not remove it from the Behavioral Service Diagnoses tab. However, deleting a Behavioral Service Diagnosis will remove it from the Standalone tab.

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