Managing Treatment Episodes

Let's review some standard rules for how treatment episodes behave within Avea.

Multiple Treatment Episodes

Patients can have multiple treatment episodes under the same Practice. This occurs when a patient is discharged from treatment, and then later returns to the same practice for a new treatment episode.

Important: Treatment episodes for the same practice cannot have overlapping dates. The patient must be discharged from one treatment episode before another can be added under the same practice. If a patient discharges and then readmits at a later date, do not continue recording their services under the first treatment episode. Make a new treatment episode starting with the new admit date.

Multiple Practices and Treatment Episodes

If there are multiple practices under one organization, a patient can have treatment episodes under every practice they are admitted to. Treatment episodes within different practices can have overlapping dates.

Admit/Discharge: It is important to accurately record Admit/Discharge dates and related information in the Intake > Admit/Discharge tab of the Treatment Episode so claims go out correctly. mceclip2.png

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