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You can delete a patient if there are no claims billed or patient payments for the patient record. Common reasons for deleting patients are when the patient was created in the wrong organization for clients with multiple organizations, or creating a new patient record for a patient that already exists in the organization. 

Archive Patient: If you created a patient and a prospective treatment episode for a patient that chose not to admit, you can archive that patient instead of deleting the patient. This allows you to unarchive the patient if they return to treatment at a later date, preventing duplicate work. 

How to Delete a Patient

Follow the steps below to delete a patient from the organization.

  1. First, you must delete any U/R plans created under the Scheduling & Utilization tab.
    1. From the Treatment Episodes tab, click on the drop-down and select the U/R quick link.
    2. Scroll to the end of the U/R plan row and click the Delete button.mceclip7.png
    3. If you don't see a delete option here, you may need to delete added treatments from the attendance calendar first.mceclip1.png
    4. Open the Attendance page and locate the patient row. mceclip2.png
    5. Click on the X icon to remove each added service. 
    6. Confirm the deletion. mceclip3.png
    7. Click on the patient's name and go back to the U/R tab under Scheduling and Utilization. The Delete button will now be visible. mceclip5.png
    8. Click Delete to remove the U/R plan.
  2. Next, delete the Treatment Episode.
    1. Click on the Patient name in the header.mceclip8.png
    2. Open the Treatment Episodes tab, then click Delete.
    3. Confirm.
  3. The final step is deleting the Patient. Click on the Profile tab, then click Delete.
  4. Confirm the deletion.

What if you can't delete the patient?

If claims have been billed in the treatment episode or patient payments collected, the treatment episode will not be able to be deleted. In this case, there are two options:

  1. Continue forward with two patient profiles.
  2. Merge the two patient profiles into one another. This is something that only can do at this time.


I deleted the U/R plans, but there is still no delete option for the treatment episode. What does this mean?

Check the Insurance Billing > Claims tab to see if there were any standalone services billed as claims that might be impacting the deletion of the treatment episode. Also, check the Patient Billing > Patient Payments tab. If there are payments here, the treatment episode won't be able to be deleted.

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