Scheduled Change Sets

Any code, address, credential, or other piece of information on a claim is subject to change. We have created Scheduled Change Sets in Avea to help document these changes and keep claim generation fluid. 

Baseline vs. Scheduled Change Set

Use the following information to determine if you should update the Baseline information or create a Scheduled Change Set.

  • If you need to make a change that will affect all existing claims, change the Baseline.
  • If we need to make a change that will only affect existing claims back to a certain date, make a Scheduled Change Set for that effective date. 
  • If we need to make a change that will only affect future claims, make a Scheduled Change Set for an effective date in the future. 

Create a Scheduled Change Set

You can create a Scheduled Change Set for Practice and Facility information including Services, Rendering, Providers, and other billing information.

  1. When a change needs to be made, navigate to the item in question and click the Create Scheduled Change Set button.

  2. Enter the Effective Date. This is the date the change should take effect.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Next, click the Edit icon on the Scheduled Change Set Date to make the desired changes.
  5. Make the desired updates, then click Save. 
  6. The Scheduled Change Set will display the change made.

It is best practice to set a scheduled change set for the future so that existing claims will not be affected. If we find that we need to send corrections for claims that have already been submitted, we will want to analyze the effect of the effective date we choose will have on claims, i.e. claims splitting dates of service or claim rules in place.

Force Corrections for Changed Information

To force corrections when claim information has changed, please navigate to the Patient Profile > Treatment Episode > Insurance Billing > Review Corrections. Then, select Check for Corrections Directly.

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