Combined Service Sets

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Combined Service Sets are a set of services that always need to be billed together. For example, Individual Therapy and an Add-On service. This article focuses on creating Combined Service Sets in Practice Admin. 

Combined Service Sets are selected from the Attendance calendar, click here to learn more.


Creating Combined Service Sets

Follow the steps below to create a Combined Service Set.

  1. Navigate to Practice Admin > Services and open the Combined Service Sets tab.
  2. Click to Create Combined Service Set.
  3. Set the Name of the profile and click Create. This is the name that will appear on the attendance calendar when the user is selecting the combined service for the patient. 
  4. Next, click on the Combined Service Set Profiles tab.
  5. Click on the Default profile.
  6. Click on the Edit icon for the Baseline.
  7. You can update the name of the profile from Default if desired.
  8. Set the Insurance Payer Type to the appropriate payer.
  9. Select the Services that need to be billed together in the combined service set.
  10. Click Save.
  11. To ensure that the services go on the same claim, please make sure that all selected services are set up with the same billing classificationattendance calendar requirements, and place of service. Click here to learn how to update services.

Note: The order of Services does not dictate the claim service order. Use the Sequence value in Service Billing Profiles & Claim Rules to manage the order.

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