Collect Patient Payments Overview

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With Avea, patient payments can be easily collected, applied, and adjusted through various methods and workflows. The system also offers multiple tools to monitor, track, and adjust patient balances.

Payment Methods

Patient payments can be recorded using multiple payment methods to provide patients and facilities with greater flexibility.

  • To learn about collecting Cash, Check, or Money Order payments, click here. 
  • To learn about collecting Credit Card Payments, click here. 
  • To learn about collecting Automated Clearinghouse Payments (ACH,) click here. 

Collection Tools

Patient payments can be requested and processed manually or automatically based on user preference.

Refunds, Voids, and Adjustments

It is important to review patient payments for accuracy. After a patient pays, it is sometimes necessary to adjust or refund the transaction.

  • To learn about Refunding or Voiding a payment, click here. 
  • To learn about adjusting the Patient balance through adjustments, click here. 

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