Box 6 - Statement Covers Period

Box Definition

Box 6 on the UB-04 claim form is intended to display the beginning and end dates for the services on the claim.


In AveaOffice

To edit Box 6 in AveaOffice by removing a date of service:

For existing claims, it is only possible to remove a date of service from a claim which may update the statement covers period if the date of service was the first or last date of service on the claim.

  1. Navigate Attendance
  2. Select the relevant date range in the dropdownmceclip0.png
  3. Locate the Patient and Date of Service
  4. Select the "Lock" Icon to unsubmit the Date of Service.mceclip1.png

To edit Box 6 by adding a day to the statement end date: 

In some cases, billers wish to set the service end date as +1 day to the last date of service.

  1. Navigate to Management Center > Claim Rules. 
  2. Select Create Claim Form Rule.
  3. Select behavior "Service End Date" and set the option to "Use Last Date of Service + 1 Day". 
  4. Set your claim conditions. 
  5. Select Save.


EDI Loop/Segment

Loop 2300, Segment DPT

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