Separating Services From Existing Claims

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Splitting claims in AveaOffice is done by unsubmitting some of the original treatments on the claim, correcting it to include only one (or some) service(s), submitting the corrected claim, then creating a new claim to include the other services you wish to have submitted separately.

Split a Claim

To split a claim, navigate to the Attendance Calendar

  1. Select the date range from the Week drop-down that includes the dates of service on the claim.
  2. Unsubmit the date(s) of service, by clicking the closed lock next to the service. Only do this for the services that need to be separated. 
  3. Once the claim is unsubmitted, select the X next to the service that needs to be taken off. This will delete the attendance records of that service.  
    • Note: Once a service has been deleted it cannot be added back to the original claim. Make sure the right service is chosen before deleting.  
  4. After this is completed, navigate to the patient’s treatment episode by clicking on the patient's name in the Attendance Calendar
  5. Open the Insurance BillingReview Corrections tab. Then click Check for Corrections.  
  6. A correction should populate.
  7. To resolve the correction, choose the option to submit a corrected claim, fill in the Internal Control Number, and select a Resubmission Issue Source and Type. 
  8. To submit the corrected claim, select Resolve and go to Submit Claims. This will take you to the Submit Claims screen in the Work Center where the claims contents can be viewed and submitted.  
  9. Once the corrected claim has been submitted navigate back to the Attendance Calendar. Re-create the service taken off the earlier claim, by selecting the drop-down on the relevant date.
  10.  Choose either a Standalone Service or the relevant U/R-required service/
    • Note: For Standalone Services, you will need to fill in the required fields in order to recreate the previously deleted service on a new claim. If you need more help with this step please refer to the article, on Attendance and the section on Standalone Services.  
  11. Once the attendance is entered choose Submit Treatments at the top of the page and navigate to Work Center > Insurance Claims > Create New Claims to create and submit the claim.  

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