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Sometimes, electronic claim submission won't suffice and providers need a way to print claim form contents onto official claim paper to mail directly to a payer.

AveaOffice has an additional feature to allow users to generate batches of PDFs to print onto official UB-04 or CMS-1500 paper instead of sending them electronically or printing the claim form preview.

Contact to ask about turning this feature on for your organization.

Note: This process is for manually printing claims to mail and will not send paper claims through the clearinghouse. To send paper claims through the clearinghouse, see Create a Paper Payer.

How It Works

  1. When creating and submitting claims, look for the Print Claims button on the Submit Claims tab (Work Center > Insurance Claims).
  2. Check each of the claims that should be included in the printed batch and click the Print Claims button.
  3. Click Submit to confirm the print job.
  4. From the Batch screen, click the Download Batch PDF button. This will generate the PDF to print.
  5. Once the PDF downloads, you'll be able to print it onto official UB-04 or CMS-1500 paper for sending directly to the payer.


It may be necessary to adjust the margins in Print Settings before printing in order to align the fields with the contents of the claim.

Gutter Margin is additional space added to the margin on a document to move the entire printable area up and down or left and right. This option is usually buried within the printer's settings and may not be available for all printers. The option may also be displayed as Padding or Image Shift.

You will need to incrementally adjust the settings and print several test claims until the alignment is correct. Once you are satisfied with the settings, save them for later use.


Scaling is shrinking or enlarging a document's size to better fit the printed pages. You will want to ensure that one of the following options is set:

  • Uncheck Fit to Page
  • Select Actual Size
  • Set the scaling to 100%

Reduce Cost: While testing you can print on a regular sheet of white paper, hold it over the claim form, and hold it up to the light to check alignment rather than using additional CMS 1500 forms.

How do I know if my batch was printed or submitted to the clearinghouse?

From the Records Center, open Insurance Claims > Batches. If the Submission Status is Printed, then the Print Claims button was selected in the Work Center and your PDF is waiting for you to print from the batch screen.

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