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The Mark as Submitted button on the Submit Claims tab allows the user to process and save a claim instance in AveaOffice without sending the claim to the clearinghouse. The record of the claim instance will appear in the Work Center and on the patient's Claims tab. 

Marking claims as submitted ensures the claim can be assigned, tagged, and tracked using all AveaOffice claim management features. Users can correct, submit to the clearinghouse, and post payments against Marked as Submitted claim instances. Additionally, claims marked as submitted will display in reports like any other submitted claim instance.

Mark As Submitted Use Cases

There are a few reasons why you may want to mark the claim as submitted instead of submitting it to the clearinghouse.

  • When a new claim instance is required to be mailed in-house with medical records, appeal letters, or other supporting documentation, like a primary payer's EOB, or the claim is accepted for processing over the phone. 
  • When claim corrections need to be resolved to maintain a record in the system but do not need to be sent through the clearinghouse to the payer. Adding or removing a secondary payer on a claim would be an example of this.

Marking a Claim as Submitted

  1. Once the new or corrected claim is in the Submit Claims tab, check the desired claim(s) and click Mark as Submitted.
  2. Click the Submit button to continue.
  3. Like a submission to the clearinghouse, AveaOffice will direct the user to the Batch Details tab, to review the number of claims and total charges with the submission status set to Marked as Submitted.
    • Note: It may take a few minutes for the Submission Status to update from Submitted to Marked as Submitted. 

Mark As Submitted vs Auto-Reject

Auto-Reject is a function that is used when working on claim submission projects with AveaOffice Support. 

Auto-Reject works to submit a claim instance to the clearinghouse that will automatically reject in their system. This allows Support agents time to work on the claim(s) before they are released for processing.

It is not advised to use the Auto-Reject function to create a claim record in AveaOffice without the intention of submitting it to the payer. The Mark as Submitted function is the preferred method of creating claim instances that do not need to be sent to the payer.

User Access to Mark as Submitted

The Mark as Submitted feature is automatically available to any Managing Organization Admin user. 

Managing Organization Admins have the ability to turn on this feature for Managing Organization Users only.

  1. Open the Managing Organization Admin page and click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on the user's Name.
  3. Open the Permissions tab and click Edit.
  4. Toggle the Mark Claims as Submitted permission to On.
  5. Click Save.

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