Box 42 - Revenue Code

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Box Definition

Box 42 displays a 4 digit Revenue Code used to identify specific accommodation and/or ancillary charges.



In AveaOffice

Revenue codes are managed in the service billing profile of a particular service, under the Services tab of Practice Admin. 

To makes changes to a Revenue code in Box 42 of the claim file:

  1. Go to Practice Admin > Services.
  2. Click on the service name.
  3. Choose the Billing Profiles tab.
  4. Click on the billing profile name to open the contents.
  5. Select to make a baseline or Scheduled Change Set edit to the Institutional Revenue Code.
  6. Enter the revenue code, then click Save. 



For detailed instructions on how to manage services and profiles in Practice Admin, click on the linked article or video below. 

Create a Service and Set Facility Rates

Manage Services

Scheduled Change Sets


EDI Loop/Segment

Loop 2400, Segment SV2


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