Box 81CCa-d, Taxonomy Code and Qualifier

Box Definition

Box 81CCa-d is used to report codes that overflow other fields and for externally maintained codes NUBC has approved for the institutional data set. Taxonomy codes should be reported in these fields using a qualifier of B3.


In AveaOffice

To include the provider's Taxonomy code on a claim in Box 81CC a claim rule needs to be created.

To create the claim rule, follow these steps:

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Management Center.
  2. Click on the Claim Rules tab and set filters as desired, e.g. Organization, Practice and Clearinghouse Payer and then Click on the Create Claim Form Rule button.
  3. Type the Name of the claim rule in the free form text field: Name.
  4. Select the Conditions, e.g. Payer, Bill-Type for AveaOffice to qualify a claim that meets these conditions.
  5. Select the Behavior "Institutional Secondary Provider ID" from the Available Behavior dropdown list and click "Add".
  6. Select the action for the behavior of "Require and Write Provider Taxonomy" from the dropdown list.
  7. If the claim rules in step 4 are true, then a qualifier is required by EDI Standards.  The qualifier "B3" is hardcoded in AveaOffice, so no further action is require for this field.
  8. When claim rule is completed, it should look like this:Screen_Shot_2021-05-14_at_3.11.28_PM.png

EDI Loop

EDI Loop 2000A - PRV01 "BI", PRV02 - "PXC" qualifier, PROV03 = 10 character Taxonomy Code



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