Box 66 - Diagnosis and Procedure Code Qualifier

Box Definition

The Diagnosis and Procedure Code qualifier is used to indicate the version of the ICD-10 being used.  Always use a "0" for this qualifier, since ICD-10 coding is required for dates of service after 10/1/2015.  The "9" is for ICD-09 and is discontinued as of 10/1/2015, only showing the "9" for historical purposes. Note: This field is only one character in length, therefore "10" cannot be used.



In AveaOffice

This field is defaulted to "0" for dates of service after 10/1/2015 therefore no action is required by the user.

EDI Loop

EDI Specifications for UB-04, Box 66

Loop 2300 Segment is determined by the qualifier submitted on the claim form.

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