Box 17 - Patient Discharge Status

Box Definition

Box 17 on the UB-04 contains the patient's discharge status. Use this field to report the status of the patient upon discharge which is required for institutional claims. 


In AveaOffice 

The Patient Discharge Status can be found within the patient's Admit/Discharge tab. To select the patient's Discharge Status and include it on the claim form:

  1. Navigate to Patients and click on the patient name from the list or locate the patient using Search.
  2. From the Profile tab, click on Intake link for the treatment episode you want to discharge. The Quick Links section allows you to easily access different sections of the patient's treatment episodes. 
  3. On the Admit/Discharge tab, click Edit.
  4. Scroll to the Discharge Status field.
  5. Click on the field to choose the desired Discharge Status code.mceclip5.png
  6. Enter the Discharge Date and Time.
  7. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save to discharge the patient. 

EDI Loop/Segment

Loop 2300, Segment CL103

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