Daily Census Report

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The Daily Census Report is designed to provide information surrounding attendance on a selected day with the qualification that attendance has been marked for that day. 

Let's review the Daily Census report! 

Creating the Report

  1. Navigate to the Reporting section of the system.
  2. Within the Organization level, scroll down to Attendance Reports 
  3. Select Daily Census Report to configure the Report Settings
  4. Once the Report Settings have been input, select Run Report to generate the Daily Census Report.

Report Settings

The report will be generated based on the Service as well as the Date. There are additional information fields that can be included in the Daily Census Report.  The additional options show the Medical Record Number, Gender, Age, City, and Referral Source.

Reading the Report

The Daily Census Report produces two tables of information. The top table will show Patients who were Scheduled for the service and date specified in the settings as well as whether they were present of absent. The bottom table will show Patients that were not scheduled in a group labeled Not Scheduled.

Report Columns

Last Name | First Name | Service(s) | Single Case Agreement | Admit Date | Discharge Date | Length of Stay | Insurance | Expected Discharge Date | Medical Record Number | Gender | Age | Patient City | Referral Source

Where is this information located?

  • Demographic information such as Name, Admit/Discharge information, Medical Record Number, and Referral Source can be found in the Patient Profile > Treatment Episode > Intake.
  • The Single Case Agreement information can be located within Patient Profile > Treatment Episodes > Scheduling and Utilization > Service Rates


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