Patient Demographics Report

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The Patient Demographics Report is a quick, easy way to see a list of patients, with address and phone number, to utilize in administrative tasks such as creating and sending mailers and statements, conducting patient outreach, or reconciling against patient records in practice management and EHR systems.

Creating the Report

Go to the Reporting section from the left-side menu. This Report is only available at the Organization level. Under Attendance Reports, select Patient Demographics Report.

Report Options


Selected Practices

Choose one or more practices in the drop-down.


Date Type

Select to run the report by an Admit or Discharge date range. Set the Start and End date range to include patients admitted or discharged with treatment episodes in the time-frame. The output will include any patient admitted or discharged with one or more treatment episodes in the time-frame selected.


Run Report

Click Run Report to run the report using the selected filters.

Refresh Data

To improve report speed, report and dashboard data is cached up to the last 24 hours. To use real-time data, click Refresh Data to update reports results using the most recent data.


Choose Download to export the report data as CSV. Your CSV file can be opened with Excel.


The Patient Demographics Report produces a table where each row represents a patient admitted with a treatment episode within the time-frame specified. Results include:  Patient ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Address, City, State, Zip, Admit Date, and Discharge Date.


Tips and Tricks

Mass Mailers

If you're sending Patient Statements or other mass mailers, consider using Mail Merge to print labels or envelopes easily with your Patient Demographics report. Simple open the CSV file in Excel. Here's how: Mail Merge using an Excel Spreadsheet

Use for Insights Based on Demographics

Use tools in excel, such as VLOOKUP, to combine patient demographics (vlookup on Patient ID) with other exports from AveaOffice so you can create graphs and visuals giving you key insights into your practice such as Revenue by State or by Age Range. 


Search by first name, middle name, or last name to filter the report without having to download to excel.

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