Claim Statuses

Claim Status is a tag added to the claim to indicate the claim's current lifecycle stage. You can create custom statuses to match your organization's billing workflow or edit existing statuses from the Managing Organization Admin.

Please note that your account will include default statuses that pertain to claim submission. Upon submission of the claim, the claim status Payer – Original Claim Processing will be attached to the claim. After resubmitting a claim the status Payer – Resubmitted will be attached to the claim. These statuses can be updated from the Managing Organization Admin. 

Claim Status Video

Add Claim Status Types

Use the following instructions to add or edit existing claim statuses.

  1. Navigate to Managing Organization Admin > Configuration > Claim Status Types.
  2. To create a new status click Create Claim Status Type.
  3. Name the status and click Create.
  4. Once a status has been assigned to a claim, you cannot delete the status. However, you can click Edit and disable the Is Active toggle to prevent this status from being used in the future.

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