Patient Billing User Permissions

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Let's review the Patient Billing permissions that need to be given to users so that they can access Patient Billing.

User Roles

  • Both Organization Admins as well as Managing Organization Admins can access Patient Billing features without additional permissions needed. 
  • Organization Users as well as Managing Organization Users will need additional permissions configured within the profile in order to access Patient Billing features in Avea. 

Adding Patient Billing Permissions

Use the following steps to add Patient Billing permissions to an existing user. If you need help creating a new user, click here for instructions. 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization Admin (or Managing Organization Admin, depending on what type of user you are updating).
  2. Open the Users tab.
  3. Locate the Organization User and click on their name.
  4. From the Profile tab, click Edit.
  5. Locate the Can be Assigned to Patient Billing toggle and click to enable. This allows the user to be assigned to specific patient billing statements for follow-up.
  6. Scroll back to the top and click Save. 
  7. Next, open the Permissions tab and click Edit.
  8. The user will need Attendance Access set to Edit to add private pay treatments to the attendance calendar. 
  9. The user will need the Submit to Billing toggle enabled if they need the ability to start the patient billable creation process (e.g., submitting private pay treatments from the attendance calendar to kick off the patient billable workflow).
  10. The user will need Patient Billing Access set to Edit to access the patient billing feature.
  11. Use the toggles to allow the user to Approve New Patient Billables, Approve Corrected Patient Billables, and/or Create Patient Billables depending on their role.
  12. The user will need Patient Payments Access set to Edit to use the patient payment features.
  13. Use the toggles to allow the user to Issue Refunds, Issue Credits/Discounts/Adjustments, Collect Patient Payments (allows the user to charge credit cards/ACH accounts or record cash/check payments), and/or Apply Patient Patients (to Patient Billables) depending on their role.
  14. Next, the user will need Service Rate Access set to Edit if they will need to enter in Service Rates for Private Pay services that are set to U/R Required.
  15. Finally, if the user needs to see reports related to Patient Billing, the user will need the Accounting Reports and Billing Reports toggles enabled.
  16. Be sure to click Save at the top of the page. 

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