Insurance Overview

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Correctly recording insurance is paramount to accurate timely billing. This process is simplified when payers are properly managed in Avea. Use this article as a starting point for all insurance and payer-related inquiries.

The Kipu EMR Integration does not impact how payers are configured in AveaOffice, the following instructions are relevant for integrated users.

How to Add Insurance

Step-by-step instructions on adding and configuring a new insurance set. This article will be the most helpful for beginning users and those new to Avea. This article includes instructions on adding secondary payers as well. Click here to learn more.

Add Private Pay

If you need to mark a patient as private pay, follow these instructions

Adding a Paper Payer

When it is necessary to submit new claims via paper, create a paper version of the payer. Paper payers are also used when the payer in question cannot be located in either the preloaded list of payers or the clearinghouse’s list of payers. Click here for instructions on adding paper payers from the patient and from Practice Admin.

Adding an Electronic Payer

When a payer is not present in the Practice Payer list, import that payer from an extensive list of clearinghouse-connected payers. This article includes instructions on importing payers from the patient and from Practice Admin. Click here to learn more.

Making Changes to Insurance Policies

Use this article for assistance with adding another insurance policy, changing the effective date of a policy, or removing a secondary payer after claims have been submitted. Click here for instructions. 

Verification of Benefits (VOB)

A robust Verification of Benefits process is essential for efficient collections. The insurance payer is the only entity that can provide full details on a patient’s policy. Click here to understand how the VOB process works in AveaOffice and where users can record information.


Eligibility is designed to double-check information received during the verification of benefits process. Eligibility does not replace VOB. Use these instructions for assistance with running, reading, and troubleshooting eligibility responses. 

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