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The U/R Report helps users see total and average authorizations and trends (by payer, location, service, and level of care) to maximize revenue by making data-based decisions around admissions, staffing, and process.

Creating the Report

Go to the Reporting section from the left-side menu. This report is only available at the Organization level. Under Utilization Reports, select U/R Report.


Report Settings

Selected Practices 

Click the drop down to choose one or more practices in the drop-down.

Show Discharged

Toggle to Yes to include patients that are currently inactive.

Authorization Status

Click the drop down to filter the report by Authorization Status - Default set to All

Date Type

Click the drop down to run the report by...

  • U/R Plan Start Date (default) will show all U/R Plans with a start date within the selected date range
  • U/R Plan End Date will show all U/R Plans with an end date within the selected date range
  • Patient Discharge Date will show all U/R Plans for patients with a discharge date within the selected date range
  • Anticipated Discharge Date will show all U/R Plans for patients with an anticipated discharge date noted in their profile within the selected date range

Date Range - Start Date and End Date

Start Date and End Date: These two dates determine the date range for which the report is run.
* The output will include any U/R Plan with a start date or patient discharge date in the time frame selected, depending on the Date Type selection.

Generating the Report - Run Report, Refresh Data, and Download

Report data will display in AveaOffice with the option to download a CSV that can be viewed in Excel. This in-browser view allows the user to Run the report, then Refresh the data without having to run another report.


Run Report - Click Run Report to generate a report using to the selected settings

Refresh Data - To improve report speed, report and dashboard data is cached up to the last 24 hours. To use real-time data, click Refresh Data to update reports results using the most recent data.

* Pro Tip: Hover your cursor over time stamp below the Totals section to see the last time data was refreshed


Download - Choose Download to export the report data as CSV. Your CSV file can be opened with Excel or other desktop app


The U/R Report produces a table where each row represents a U/R plan with a start and end date within the time-frame specified. 


 Report Columns

  • Patient Name
  • Payer Name
  • Home Plan Payer
  • Insurance Id
  • Admit Date
  • Discharge Date
  • Review Type
  • Service
  • Service Billing Profile
  • Authorization Start Date
  • Authorization End Date
  • Units
  • Authorization Status
  • Authorization Number
  • Ins. Case Manager
  • Case Manager
  • Billed Units
  • Remaining Units
  • Rendering Provider
  • Follow-up Date
  • Practice
  • Facility

Totals will display in-app above the table and on the final row of the downloaded CSV.


Use Cases

Some of the more common use cases are listed below:

  • Determining how many days and units each team member is getting authorized
  • Determining how payers are authorizing services and lengths of stays for reimbursement and revenue potential forecasting.
  • Determining which payers to focus on during patient intake


What is the difference between the U/R Work Center and the U/R Report?

The plan information is the same in the U/R Work Center and the U/R Report, except the U/R report will include all U/R plans within a given timeframe versus currently active plans in the U/R Work Center. Users may wish to download the report to analyze the U/R data or print the report to send to management or investors. 

What information does the date range of this report return?

The Start and End date of the date range on the report is based on the start and end date of the U/R plan.

Tips and Tricks

Pivot Tables

If you're downloading the report to Excel, consider using Pivot Tables to arrange data easily with your U/R report. Simple open the CSV file in Excel. Here's how: Create Pivot Tables To Analyze Data


Search by patient name to filter the report without having to download to excel.

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