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The Client Share Report displays all insurance payments and patient responsibility adjustments within the specified date range. All patient, practice, facility, and claim information will be provided with charges, covered amount, payment amount, total paid to patient, total applied to deductible, total applied to co-insurance, and total applied to co-pay, with a cumulative total of all patient responsibility.

Creating The Report

Go to the Reporting section from the left-side menu. This report is available at both the Organization and Managing Organization level. Under Billing Reports, select Claim Billing Report.


Organization vs Managing Organization

Organization: Running the report from the Organization level allows the user to select one or more Practices under an Organization and will include all facilities under the selected Practices.

Managing Organization: Running the report from the Managing Organization level allows the user to select one or more Organizations and will include all Practices and Facilities under the selected Organizations. 


Report Settings

Date Type (Fixed Setting) - This report default runs by the closed date of claims

Date Range - Start Date & End Date

Start Date and End Date: These two dates determine the date range for which the report is run.
* The output will include any Claim with a closed date in the time-frame selected.


Patient Identifier - Patient ID or MRN

Choosing to include the prefered identifier on the report - either Patient ID or Medical Record Number (MRN)


Generating the Report - Run Report, Refresh Data, and Download

Organization Level - Report data will display in AveaOffice with the option to download a CSV that can be viewed in Excel. This in-app view allows the user to run the report, then refresh the data without having to run another report.


Run Report - Click Run Report to generate a report using to the selected settings

Refresh Data - To improve report speed, report and dashboard data is cached up to the last 24 hours. To use real-time data, click Refresh Data to update reports results using the most recent data.

* Pro Tip: Hover your cursor over time stamp below the Totals section to see the last time data was refreshed


Download - Choose Download to export the report data as CSV. Your CSV file can be opened with Excel or other desktop app


Managing Organization Level - Reports will run in the background and a download link will be sent to the requesting user from Avea Solutions.




Reports can also be found under the Records Center > Documents > Managing Organization Documents for download.




The Client Share Report is calculated as the Paid-to-Patient + Deductible + Co-Insurance + Co-Pay + and Additional Out-of-network charges. Out-of-network charges from the report will be posted with a PR adjustment code in the payment.

The covered amount equals the payment amount + any amount paid to the patient or patient’s policy (deductible, co-insurance, co-pay). Any additional out-of-network adjustments are considered non-covered charges.

Non-covered charges that will not appear on the Client Share Report include any adjustments under the PI, OA, CR, or CO groups

You can click on any claim ID hyperlink to be routed to that claim page. There, you’ll be able to review the claim notes and payment information to view how the payment was applied.

Value: This report is best used when a user wants to know how much insurance is applying to patient responsibility over a given time period. The percentage of patient responsibility against charge amount can be quickly calculated to see if the patient share is in within the expected range.



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