Void a Claim

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Voiding a claim should only be done when an entire claim was billed by mistake and the payer needs to receive notice to cancel that claim.

Voiding a claim is different than correcting a claim. Do not void a claim if it does not need to be canceled. Do not void a claim if corrections would be more appropriate.

Void a Claim

Following the instructions below will generate a claim correction that cannot be ignored by a user. Once the correction is submitted, this voided claim lets the payer know an incorrect bill was previously submitted and should not be processed.

  1. Review the claim that needs to be canceled and note all the services and dates on that claim.
  2. Navigate to the Attendance Calendar.
  3. Select the Week containing the first date of service on the claim that needs to be voided.
  4. Locate the patient.
  5. On that patient’s row, locate the first date and service on the claim and click the lock associated with that service and date.
  6. Note: If there are multiple services rendered for a patient on the same day, only remove services that need to be canceled.
  7. A notice will appear. Ensure that the claim number listed matches the claim number that needs to be voided.
  8. Click Unsubmit.
  9. Click the X for to the unsubmitted service.
  10. A warning will populate, click delete.
  11. Repeat these steps for all dates of services on the claim.
  12. Next, click on the patient’s name to open their treatment episode.
  13. Navigate to the patient’s Insurance Billing tab and open Review Corrections.
  14. Select Check for Corrections and Submit.
  15. A correction should populate with Type: Claim no longer needed.
  16. Click Resolve to the right of the correction.
  17. Leave the first option set to Create Voided Claim.
  18. Fill in the Internal Control Number if the field is blank. This is the payer’s claim number. It may be necessary to call the payer to obtain the claim number.
  19. Note: Do not use the AveaOffice claim number. The payer will not be able to recognize the claim based on the AveaOffice claim number.
  20. Select a Resubmission Issue or choose from the list of Existing Issues.
  21. Click Resolve and Go to Submit Claims.
  22. Ensure that only claims that should be submitted are checked. Uncheck any claims that should not be submitted at this time.
  23. Note: The last digit of the bill type should be 8. To verify, click View or Preview.
  24. Click Submit Claims.
  25. After a voided claim is sent, it will be taken off Open A/R reports and removed from the Work Center. The claim will show a state of void. To locate the claim in the patient’s Claims tab, change the Claims Filter to All or Voided and click Update.

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