Claim Form Rule - Add or Remove Payer Claim Mailing Address

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What claim change is needed?

Adding or removing the Payer claim mailing address on an electronic claim.

Where is this information found?

UB-04: Box 38

CMS-1500: Located at the top of the Claim Form.


Let's review how to include or remove the Payer Mailing Address on an electronic claim.

  1. Navigate to Management Center > Claim Rules and select Create Claim Form Rule.
  2. Within the Claim Form Rule window, Name the rule and select the applicable Practice.
  3. Set the Conditions of the rule.
  4. Set the Claim Type to Institutional or Professional.
  5. Under the Available Behaviors drop down, select Payer - Claim Mailing Address.
  6. Select Add to generate the behavior options.
  7. Select the desired behavior before scrolling down to select Create.

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