April Release Notes 2024

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202.3- April 30th, 2024


  • Currently Rejected/Held Claims: The Currently Rejected/Held Claims section will now display voided claims that were rejected by the payer. 
  • Statements Section: Users with the Patient Billing Module will now be able to see if there are any active Payment Plans on the Statement section of the patient profile. 


  • Autofill Payment Lines: Some users were experiencing issues with the Autofill feature when manually posting payments. These issues have since been resolved. 

202.2- April 26th, 2024


202.1- April 23rd, 2024


  • Insurance Plans: A new dropdown has been added to the Patient > Treatment Episode > Intake > Insurance > Insurance Set >Payer Name > Policy Holder section. This dropdown allows a user to identify the plan information in the carveout including the Plan Type in addition to the Payer Name and Address. Plans can be added by navigating to the Practice Admin > Payer > Plans.
  • Patient Billing: Users can now view the sum of each column under the Patient > Patient Billing > Patient Billables section. 


  • Patient Files: Some clients were receiving an error message when attempting to upload authorization letters within the Patient > Notes and Records > File tab. This has since been resolved. 

201.2- April 11th, 2024


  • EDI Information: Users can now recreate and download the EDI for an entire batch under the Record Center > Insurance Claims > Details. Click here for additional information. 


  • Incorrect NPI/Facility NPI: Some users encountered issues with the system recognizing the Claim Form Rule to change the billing provider NPI. This has since been resolved. 

201.1- April 9th, 2024


  • U/R Notes: Users can now create and view U/R Notes for secondary and tertiary plans.
  • U/R Status: Users can now update a U/R plan's status to In Progress: Pending.  

200.2- April 3rd, 2024


  • EDI Information: Users who submit claims to certain Medicaid programs can now download EDI information for individual claims in bulk. Click here for additional information. 

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