Insurance Claim Write-Offs [Beta]

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This feature is currently in beta release to a select group of clients and will be rolling out to everyone in the coming months.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Claims Write-Off feature! The purpose of this enhancement is to provide users with a simple method to write-down or write-off uncollectible claim balances. With this update, users will be able to assign claim write-off reasons to reduce the outstanding balance of a claim after the payer has returned a remit. Additionally, users will have the option to create and modify write-off reasons and short codes that replicate their accounting software. These short codes will be shown in the Claim Status Report - By Claim, making it easier to identify and reconcile with their accounting software. Click here to view an example report.

User Permissions

Only Managing Organization Admins with the Financial Admin permission will be able to create, edit, apply, or delete write-offs. All other users will only be able to view claim write-offs. For information on how to edit those permissions, click here

Create and Manage Write-Off Reasons

Managing Organization Admins can create and manage Write-Off reasons with ease. Let's review the process together!

    1. Navigate to the Managing Organization Admin > Configuration.
    2. Select Claim Write-Off Reasons.
    3. Next, select Create New Write-Off Reason.
    4. Input the Description of the reason.
    5. Next, input the Short Code.
    6. Select Submit to complete the process.
    1. Navigate to the Managing Organization Admin > Configuration.
    2. Select Claim Write-Off Reasons.
    3. Locate the Reason and Short Code you wish to alter.
    4. Select Edit
    5. In the Edit window, make the required updates to the Description and/or Short Code.
    6. If you wish to deactivate the code, toggle-off Is Active.
    7. Select Submit to complete the process.

Note: Write-Off reasons with a Default Type can only be deactivated. Reasons with a Custom Type can be edited, deactivated, or deleted if they were never used.

Apply Write-Off Reasons

Once a payer has made the final insurance payment, a balance may be left over. If that money will not be collected, a user may opt to apply a write-off to reduce the balance to zero before closing the claims.

    1. Search or select the claim number to open the Work Claim screen.
    2. Next, select Payments and Write-Offs.
    3. Select Record Write-Off.
    4. In the Record Write-Off window, the system will display the remaining balance of the claim.
    5. Update the Reason dropdown.
    6. Next, input the Amount of the write-off. Once this field is updated, the Remaining Amount above will be reduced automatically.
    7. Under Note, add any additional information you'd like to document.
    8. If there is more than one Write-Off Reason, select Add Write-Off Reason to add another line.
    9. Finally, select Submit to complete the process. 

Remove Write-Off Reasons

When a Write-Off reason has been applied, it cannot be edited, only deleted. This can be achieved by navigating to Work Claim > Payments and Write-Offs and selecting Delete. Once the write-off has been deleted, the balance will increase by the amount deleted.


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