Service Grouping Rule - Update Place of Service

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What change is needed?

The Place of Service needs to be updated on the claim form. 

Box Number

UB-04: N/A

CMS-1500: 24b

In AveaOffice

Let's review how to update the Place of Service using a Service Grouping Rule.

  1. Navigate to Management Center > Claim Rules.
  2. Select Create Service Grouping Rule.
  3. Select the Practice, then Name the rule.
  4. Choose the Service you want to apply the rule to. 
  5. Next, set the Conditions the claim must meet for the rule to be applied.
  6. Next, select Set Values then Set Place of Service to before selecting the new place.
  7. Once the selections have been made, select Create to implement the rule.
  8. Tip: If Corrections are required, use a Scheduled Change Set to instruct the system which claims should be updated based on the Conditions set in the rule and the Dates of Service on the claim.

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