Customizing Adjustment Reasons for Patient Billables

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You can create custom Adjustment Reasons and related Short Codes for your patient billables. 

What Are Adjustments and Adjustment Reasons? 

  • Adjustments allow users to reduce the balance due from a patient by a percentage or dollar amount. 
  • Adjustment Reasons allow a facility to add context to the reduction of Patient Responsibility.

Creating New Adjustment Reasons for Patient Billables

Let's review how to add an adjustment reason.

  1. Navigate to the Organization Admin > Configuration > Adjustment Reasons.
  2. Select Create New Adjustment Reason.
  3. After selecting Create New Adjustment Reason, input the Description and Short Code- e.g. Scholarship, SCH.
  4. After creating a new Adjustment Reason, navigate to the Patient Profile > Patient Billing > Collect Payment and select Record Adjustment.
  5. Once the Adjustment has been recorded, the System should re-direct to the Payments section of the Patient Profile where the adjustment can then be viewed. 

How to Edit/Deactivate Adjustment Reasons

Let's review how to edit or deactivate adjustment reasons.

  1. Navigate to the Organization Admin > Configuration > Adjustment Reasons and locate the Adjustment Reason you would like to Edit.
  2. Select the Edit button to open the Adjustment Reason Profile.
  3. Note: Custom Adjustment Reasons can only be deleted if they have never been used. Adjustment Reasons that have been previously applied to Patient Billables used can only be marked Inactive

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