Billing: Voids, Refunds, and Payment Review

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It is important to review patient payments for accuracy. After a patient pays, it is sometimes necessary to adjust or refund the transaction.

Navigate to the patient’s Patient Billing tab and click on Payments. This page displays a record of all payments made, with details about the source, method, action, and date. From here, users can view a receipt, email that receipt, refund the payment, or view information provided during the payment submission process.



A credit card transaction can only be voided during the same day as the original authorized transaction. The patient will not see the original transaction or the void on their monthly credit card statement. Adjustments can be voided at any time and will reflect on the patient’s next statement.

Note: When a billable is voided, all applied adjustments and applied payments will be removed from the billable. The applied payment amount will become available to apply towards a different billable.


 A credit card or ACH refund is performed when a transaction needs to be reversed, but the original transaction has already been settled.


  • A refund can be partial or for the full amount.
  • Refunds can only be processed within one year of the original transaction but cannot be processed until the original payment has been completely processed (funded). Typically it takes 24-72 hours for a payment to fully process. 
  • Check, Cash, or Money Order refunds will balance the patient record, but do not actually return money to the patient. This will have to be done through your bank.

Users may also wish to refund credit card transactions via a different method (i.e. check, cash, money order). Users can select the refund method during the refund transaction. 

When a payment is refunded with a different method than the original payment, the payment source displays the original payment method in the details.


Cash/Check/Money Order payments will not be able to be refunded via Credit Card.



A new browser window provides proof of the transaction and contact information for the practice.



Use this to send a transaction receipt. See how to customize the Email Transaction Receipt here:  Patient Billing: Setting Up Email Templates.



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