How to Apply Payments to Billables

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When a payment is received from a patient, apply the entire amount or a portion of the amount to specific billables and dates. Click here to read more on how to collect payments from patients. 

After collecting the payment, go to the Payments tab under Patient Billing.


Note: Use the "Action" dropdown to filter the payment list view. 


Next to each payment, click the link to "Apply Payment".


Select how much of the payment to apply to each billable. The remaining amount will show how much of the payment is still left to apply to future billables.


Click "Show More" to see which billables the payment is applied to. Users can edit amounts applied to billables by clicking the "Apply Payment" link again.


The outstanding balance and total payments will display on the Statements tab. 


Click the Generate Statements button to generate the most up-to-date statement to send to the patient.

Auto Apply Payments

Use the Auto Apply Payments button to automatically apply payments to billables on a FIFO (first-in, first-out) method.


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