How to Correct and Void Patient Billables

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When a change is made to a Private Pay service that will affect the Patient Responsibility, a Correction or Void may be required to ensure the Patient Balance is accurate.

How to Correct a Patient Billable

From a Private Pay Service.

  1. Navigate to the Attendance Calendar. 
  2. Locate the Patient and Date of Service and select the Lock icon.
  3. After selecting the Lock icon, select Unsubmit Attendance.
  4. After unsubmitting the attendance, make the changes the Patient Billable will be corrected with.
    • To update the number of units of the service, select the Pencil icon.
    • To remove the service from the Patient Billable, select the X icon.
    • To update the Facility Rate, click here.
    • Note: Dates of Service cannot be added to a Billable, only removed.
  5. After making the desired changes, select Submit Treatments in the Attendance Calendar.
  6. From there, navigate to the Patient > Patient Billing > Corrections and select Check For Corrections.

  7. Under the Type column, select View or Compare to review and confirm updates being made.
  8. After confirming the correct changes will be applied to the Patient Billable, select Update.
  9. In the Correction Action window, select Create Corrected Billable Instance before selecting Resolve.
  10. After the corrected billable has been generated, navigate to Work Center > Patient Billing > Approve Patient Billables.
  11. Select the Corrected Patient Billable before selecting Approve Patient Billables to complete the correction process.

From an Insurance Claim.

  1. Within the Work Claim screen, navigate to the Payments section.
  2. Select the Check # to open the Payment Details screen.
  3. Within the Payment Details screen, select Reopen Claim Instance.
  4. After re-opening the claim, select Edit to update the Patient Responsibility of the Payment.
  5. After updating the Patient Responsibility, select Close Claim Instance.
  6. After re-closing the Insurance claim, navigate to the Patient > Patient Billing > Corrections.
  7. Select the Check For Corrections button.
  8. Within the Check for Corrections window, select Proceed.
  9. Select Update next to the appropriate billable.
  10. After updating the billable(s), select Void Billable then Resolve.
  11. After selecting Resolve, navigate to the Work Center > Patient Billing > Approve Patient Billables.
  12. Select the newly voided billable before selecting Approve Patient Billables to complete the correction process. 

How to Void a Patient Billable

Private Pay billables can only be voided by removing all of the Dates of Service of the billable. Billables from Closed Insurance Claims will be voided if one Date of Service is removed from the Source Claim. Both types of Voids can be created by following the same process as Correcting a Private Pay Billable.

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