Patient Statements Overview

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Avea allows for generating Patient Statements that offer patients a detailed understanding of their financial obligations after their treatment. The user can customize these statements according to their needs and use them to monitor the patient's revenue cycle.

User Permissions

To view and generate Patient Statements, Admin User Profiles do not need any additional configuration. However, Organization users and Managing Organization users will require updated permissions from an Admin to access Patient Statements. For instructions on how to update those permissions, please refer to the guidelines provided. click here. 


The Patient Statements configuration settings can be customized for each organization within the Organization Admin, making it easier to manage multiple organizations. For instructions on how to make changes to the Patient Statement configurations, click here. 


Patient Statements in Avea can be generated individually or in bulk based on user preference. For instructions on how to generate Patient Statements at either level, click here. 


Patient Statements can be managed at a bulk level or individual level depending on a user's preferred workflow. For instructions on how to work and manage Patient Statements, click here.

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