What is the Avea Way?

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The Avea Way is a collection of best practices for using AveaOffice day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month to accelerate claims through the revenue cycle. It is an intelligent workflow comprised of processes that will move claims through the revenue cycle more quickly than other RCM products because you can create workflows that enforce accountability and processes within your teams, easily escalate and resolve roadblocks at each stage in the patient journey, and identify recurring problems that result in delayed cash flow and poor collection rates

The process is broken down into various roles/functions of an RCM team which often correlate to a step of the RCM process, however one person could hold more than one role (in other words, perform multiple functions).

These guides explain how to use the core Avea Way features within RCM workflows such as claim submission, claim corrections, payment posting, reporting, and managing the billing team

They also provide a complete configuration guide with examples based on Avea Solution’s proven process. Typically, the configuration is complete during onboarding by the Avea team, after which you will optimize over time.

Check out the articles here:

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