What do I do when my batch fails?

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You submitted a batch of claims from the Work Center and the status never updated to Submitted, instead, you see a Failed or Pending Submission status. What do you do now? How do you fix this?

Why do Batches fail?

Depending on the message in Records Center > Insurance Claims > Batches, claim edits may be needed.

Here are a few reasons why a batch might fail:

  • Contents of the claims changed after they were created (i.e. service or claim rule configuration)
  • An invalid character in one of the fields is causing issues
  • An internal error is causing issues
  • A connection error between Waystar and AveaOffice
  • Claims are stuck processing in the background

Troubleshooting a Failed Batch

Your first step will be to check for errors in Work Center > Insurance Claims > Submit Claims.

If there is a simple error message stating what needs to be changed on the claim, resolve the errors and recreate the claims. 

If there are no errors in Work Center, reaching out to support@aveasolutions.com will be the best way to understand the problem.

How to Resubmit a Batch

  1. Read the error message in Work Center > Insurance Claims > Submit Claims
  2. Update the information that the error message states to update.
  3. Delete the claim from Work Center > Submit Claims.
  4. Go to Work Center > Create New Claims and recreate the claims.
  5. Submit the claims again.

Confirm Batch Submittal

  1. Go to Records Center > Insurance Claims > Batches.
  2. Click on the Control Number of the recently submitted batch.
  3. Look for a submission status of Submitted.

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