Changing a Practice Logo

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You can easily upload and change logo images for the Practices you manage. These logos are also used in your patient statement generation.

Add a New Practice Logo

  1. To add or change a logo, navigate to the Practice Admin tab:Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_5.39.13_PM.png
  2. The current logo displays under the Configuration tab as shown below:Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_5.39.48_PM.png
  3. To change the logo, click Edit:Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_5.40.19_PM.png
  4. Click Choose File to browse your files for the logo you’d like to change to:Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_5.40.44_PM.png
  5. Select your chosen logo and click Open. Verify that the filename on the screen matches the filename you chose to upload and click Save.Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_5.41.23_PM.png
  6. Refresh your page to see your new logo in action!

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