How to Record Attendance for a UR Required Service

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UR Required services like DTX, RTC, PHP, and IOP treatments require a utilization plan to be created for the patient's treatment episode before the service will appear in the Attendance Calendar. To bill for these types of services, first, create a utilization plan for the patient's treatment episode, then follow the steps below.

Creating U/R Required Services: UR required services have the toggle enabled for the setting Attendance Calendar - Requires Utilization Plan or Service Rate

Recording Attendance for U/R Required Services

Use the following steps to record attendance for a patient:

  1. Ensure the correct Organization and Practice are selected.
  2. Open the Attendance page.
  3. Select the Week for the services you want to record.
  4. Find the patient row.
  5. Click the drop-down to select the U/R required service.
  6. You can also click the Auto-fill link to automatically add all authorized UR services to the current week, depending upon the utilization plan start and end dates.
  7. Clicking the (Auto-fill) link will show a dialog box detailing which services will be recorded, the date, the authorization status, as well as the authorization number (if present).
  8. Click Submit and the services will populate in the Attendance Calendar.
  9. When you're ready to submit the week's billing, click Submit Treatments.
  10. The services be locked and sent to the Work Center to be created into a claim.
  11. Navigate to the Work Center > Insurance Claims > Create Claims to create the claim for review. Click here for instructions on creating and submitting claims. 
  12. Click Create New Claims for Selected Treatments.
  13. Navigate to the Submit Claims tab to review and submit the claim.
  14. Click here for instructions on how to make changes to the services after submission.

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