How to Record Attendance for a Standalone Service

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Standalone services such as Outpatient, Drug Screenings, and Office Visits can only be selected on a per-day basis.

Creating Standalone Services: Standalone Services have the toggle disabled for the setting Attendance Calendar - Requires Utilization Plan or Service Rate.

Recording Attendance for Standalone Services

To bill for standalone services, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Organization and Practice.

  2. Open the Attendance page.
  3. Select the Week for the service you want to record.
  4. Find the patient row.
  5. Click on the drop-down for the date of service and choose Select Standalone Service.
  6. Select the Facility where the treatment was rendered and then select the Service.
  7. Select Rendering Provider.
  8. The Billing Provider will default to the Practice, but some organizations may allow the Rendering Provider to also be used as the Billing Provider. 
  9. Choose at least one Standalone Diagnosis by clicking the + icon.
    • If diagnoses have been entered in the Standalone Diagnoses Codes section in the patient’s profile under Intake, then those codes will be available for selection under the Existing Diagnoses section.
    • If none are listed for selection, you can select the diagnoses from the Add New ICD10 Diagnoses tab. The codes selected will display at the bottom of the dialog in Selected ICD10 Standalone Diagnoses. Up to four codes can be sent on a claim.
  10. If you've added a new diagnosis, please set the Present on Admission indicator. Options include Yes, No, Unknown, and Clinically Undetermined. 
  11. Next, enter the number of Units being billed. In some cases, the number of units does not need to be a whole number. Medication billing requires fractional or zero units to account for a specific dosage. Fractional units can only be billed if Allow Partial Units is set to Yes in the service's Billing Profile. Zero Units can only be billed if Allow Zero Units is set to Yes in the service's Billing Profile.
  12. Click Add Modifier to include up to 4 modifiers per treatment. Modifiers will be added to a claim in the order they are added to the treatment. Additionally, any modifiers added directly to the treatment will be displayed on the claim before modifiers added by a claim rule.
  13. Click Save.
  14. The newly saved service will display in bold on the patient's row under the selected day.
  15. When you're ready to submit the week's billing, click Submit Treatments.
  16. The service will be locked and sent to the Work Center to be created into a claim.
  17. Navigate to the Work Center > Insurance Claims > Create Claims to create the claim for review. Click here for instructions on creating and submitting claims. 
  18. Click Create New Claims for Selected Treatments.
  19. Navigate to the Submit Claims tab to review and submit the claim.
  20. Click here for instructions on how to make changes to the services after submission.

Copy Recent Standalone Service

To quickly bill the patient for a standalone service that you've billed them for in the past, use the Copy Recent Standalone Service option. 

  1. To copy a recently created standalone service, choose Copy Recent Standalone Service from the drop-down for the desired day/date for the same patient.
  2. Select the Treatment from the drop-down. This will be populated with all standalone services added for the patient's treatment episode ordered by date of service. 
  3. Click Copy.

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